A Jumble of Stuff!

Hamish has always been the type of well adjusted and secure dog that has never felt the need to prove himself with daring deeds or dramatic gestures; Pagan goes bowling into anything, nothing phases her, but Hamish, proud and aloof, stands apart (or hiding tbh). Today, however, he deigned to follow his sister into the murky depths of the pond for a cool off. Realising he was in up to his elbows and yet, was still alive and unharmed – no killer ducks, or murderous moorhens, he got completely over excited and went a little bit crazy – even Pagan left him to bound and twist joyfully by himself. Bravely, in giant leaps, he crested the pond bank, water flying from his fur and sending rainbow prisms into the sun, put his paw in a rabbit hole and fell over. Oh well :/

As the sun was hiding behind the clouds, it seemed like the perfect morning to venture down to the river with the beasts – there is no shade so we can’t walk there if the sun is too hot. The bank has become horrendously overgrown – cleaver, nettles, rushes and so on, that getting down to the waters edge would have been a nightmare with leaded dogs. The swans drifted elegantly through the lily pads on the water’s smooth surface, and I think I could hear chips and squeaks from among the bullrushes where, just possibly, nests were hidden. Pagan loves taking a prolonged dip in the river – she swims along and I match her up on the bank; it took her a while to find a slightly flattened track down to the waters edge, but in she went – a cross between a shark and an otter with attitude. She emerged, triumphant, shaking shining droplets of water over us. Hamish, with his new found paddling bravery, followed the track to the water for a little drink. There followed an almighty splash, followed by smaller ones and a bout of sneezing. I peered over the edge to see Hamish emerging from the depths, looking incredibly pleased with himself, river water dripping from the tip of his tail to his furry ears. He bounded up to us, dancing and smiling joyously (there is nothing in the world as joyous as a happy malamute), spraying water everywhere, and with happy, smiling bounces, tritt trotted all the way home! I love my furry demons! PS I have no doubt that his dip was accidental, and not a sudden bout of derring-do lol


I have just smashed a bowl (and not the intentional Greek wedding kind of smash – this Related imagewas the ‘oh bugger’ kind). It got me thinking, as most things do, that we have a much more intimate and personal relationship with mugs, than other crockery. Whilst plates and bowls house our food prior to, and during, eating, mugs hold our coffee, tea, and when necessary, gin! We also tend to spend more time choosing the design, and style, that will hold our chosen beverage – or maybe that’s just me


What could be more relaxing than a quiet stroll through the cool, shadowy woods at five am? It was all going so well – dogs padding along silently, young jackdaws calling, while jumping from branch to leafy branch in the canopy, every plant lush and verdant. You’re all waiting for it to go horribly, horrendously wrong, aren’t you? I was musing on Descartes theory of dualism (see, you can’t take the student outta this girl lol) when The Creature From Alien Attached Itself To My FACE!!!!! Jesusholyshitinamug!!! It was huge, with the hatred of all the wasps in the world rolled into one giant mosquito-like creature! I swear I could see its eyes and fanged grin (I know, I’m probably completely out on the physiology, but I’m not bloody googling it – too busy recovering with gin) through its muscular, many jointed legs that seemed to cover my eyes.Getitoffme! I slapped and Image result for face hugger alien monsterflapped about, exciting the demons, who, naturally, joined in the game, not realising my impending doom. Finally, still intact, it buzzed off, and just about intact, I carried on, Descartes forgotten, and hand waving in front of my face to prevent any further attacks by prehistoric megamossies! Maybe the fields tomorrow


I’m a student and I write for a sort-of living – so constantly either busy or feeling guilty because I should be busy. My last module has finished and unless I have to resit my exam (which I probably will :/ ) official study is over until October. I have also finished my Related imagelatest writing contract, and it’s too hot to whore myself out for more contracts today, so what do I do? The dogs are flat out, I want to be flat out, but feeling all lost and stuff – I never have nothing to do! This is weird lol

I feel really lost without the guilt of study avoidance to mentally fight with! I know, I’ll ease that lost feeling by avoiding writing contracts! Phew, that was a close one – I almost did some work 😉

Apparently malamute’s feet smell like popcorn – I will keep you updated once I’ve got close enough to mine to sniff them. And my discoveries and insights today amount to – dogs seem to show emotion initially with their left eye, followed by right. Don’t say you never learn anything lol

Hamish didn’t want his blueberries this morning, so he made a little pile of rejected fruit in the corner of his crate, and curled up into a tight ball away from it; he’s safe now lol

Walking back it was so hot that I took the demon’s headcollars off; they were just slouching along, waiting to reach the water bowls. Other than magpies, pigeons and the occasional flat squirrel, we rarely see anything to wake them up on the short stretch of lane to home. However, this morning, we were granted the magical gift of seeing not one, but two gorgeous, rich russet coated foxes within yards of each other. Plush pelted, glossy and fit – they were stunning, just trotting along, with a long easy stride, tails low and ears pricked. Hamish didn’t know what to do first – he looked across at his sister several times, considering a slapsie fight, but managed to keep his adrenaline in check – which was a relief for both Pagan and myself. Without the addition of a headcollar, they are even harder to hold – I say harder, I actually mean impossible! There is definitely something to be said for heat weary malamutes – phew! Coffee, revision and sleepy dogs – perfect!

Related image

Just seen another, or one of the pair from this morning, gorgeous fox dancing around the garden! Jumping and twisting in the dusk, glowing orange, rich with life and vibrancy – a beautiful vision. Foxes are special to me – I often ‘see’ my own fox in my dreams – a sneakily cunning Cheshire cat grin on it’s pointy face!Image result for toothy foxes

Related image

For a few months now, I’ve suspected that the local Elizabethan manor farmhouse has been sold – new fences and big metal gates put up, structural work on the house and outbuildings, new, weird feathery fronded crops (which aren’t doing too well) in the fields and a freshly creosoted summer house (seriously, who creosotes a summer house?). But today was the giveaway – peacocks! Fucking peacocks – wandering out of their garden gate and into the fields! The beasts (not breasts ffs) didn’t know where to look; these big, vibrant birds, strutting around as though they owned the place, Image result for stupid peacocksstretching wings and opening their fan-like tails – stunning! However, not so stunning when there are two demons, who, having quickly gathered their senses (well, Pagan had, Hamish was just going along for the ride) are rapidly bearing down on the ostentation (yes, I checked) of peacocks. The birds, finally, made a flurried dash for the gate and safety, screaming blue murder as they went, the dogs stopped, watching as the rather plump birds got stuck in the narrow gateway, and I think I broke a rib laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation – five fat peacocks struggling to get through the gate en masse! Not so elegant now, are you, you stupid birds lol

OMG when does my mind stop adding extra words? Just making revision notes on functionalismas an objection to dualism – using the example of bicycle brakes and what Related imagerealises the functional role of stopping the bike. ‘If I take away the proper brake, and replace it, this also realises the role of the brake, even if it’s something weird involving a coat hanger and a badger’ – WTAF a badger? Seriously, where does that come from? I have an exam looming, and I’m on about badgers? Fucking hell…….


Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, ......to me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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