Footprints in the Frost

There was such a gorgeously heavy frost this morning, and the fog that surrounded us in a cloying damp blanket yesterday, had gone. The beasts were, naturally, extra bouncey; crunching through the leaves and long grass, sniffing out badger and fox trails, and the neat little piles of crunchy treats left by very generous bunnies. Walking back across the short cropped cricket pitch, I noticed something; the demons left barely any prints, whilst I, in thermal socks and wellies, left an easy to follow trail. Hmmmmm…thought I. So we stopped, and stood still(ish) for a few moments, then I looked at our prints. My wellie and thermal sock clad feet had melted the frost for about 1cm around my boots – obviously inefficient insulation. Whereas the dogs still had intact frost under their paws. My scientific, and obviously accurate, conclusion – they hover! Who knew!

Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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