Braving a xmas eve group walk with the demons tomorrow eeeekkkkk! Leads bought, walking belt dug out, water bottle/bowls sorted, petrol got, poo and treat bags done, stinky dogging coat in the wash; now, do I have to take the dogs?

Well, sorry to all who were expecting to laugh at my group dogging disaster! There were none lol. The demons traveled well, if a tad excitably. Hamish, on being stared at by a gorgeous mastiffy type dog, decided staring back just wouldn’t do, and tried to launch himself at him (typically, with much more growling and snarling than necessary), which to my embarrassment was the only canine altercation – all the other dogs, and Pagan, were impeccably behaved. By the time we’d walked a little way, however, he settled and even allowed some sniffing, and then returned the favour. I’d like to thank everyone for making the demons feel so welcome – they are collapsed in a heap now, job done!. Same time next year? Lol

Poor Hamish, it always happens to him. Lorraine, I appear to have broken him – he is more wussy now than ever! Yesterday he, …..well I’m not sure what he did; trod on a stick that went crack, or flipped it back at him in a kickback way, or something, but he suddenly rushed to my side for reassurance. Fine, Hamish, it’s all okay, Pagan licked his muzzle and all was right with the world. Today, in exactly the same place, he turned and ran back to me for more reassurance! Yes, Hamish, it’s still all okay, Pagan re-licked his muzzle, and off he trotted quite happily. Now, is he extra wussy, or extra clever and has trained us to give him fuss when he wants it? Hmmm…..nope, extra wussy! He looks good – fit, powerful, healthy, proud and big – he really is a big boy. He floats over the ground with a long easy stride, whilst Pagan sort of wullops along beside him. She has a sexy, slutbitch bum wiggle, and being nearer to the ground and solidly made, doesn’t appear quite as graceful. But Hamish is powerful, strength combined with the genes of his brave arctic ancestors, have, together, made a complete…….wuss. What went wrong?


Overslept this morning gggrrrr! So, the fields were lighter than the normal sheer solid blackness. However, it did mean that we saw (and heard) the weird couple with the very loud OES and the elderly retriever. Despite the slippery and cloying mud underfoot, on seeing me, and my incredibly well behaved demons (for once, and only because Hamish doesn’t appreciate barky dogs – they worry him. TBH most things do lol), the weird couple rushed off in the opposite direction. He was, as usual, striding out in front, with her running along behind, trying to keep up. I can’t help standing and staring whenever I see them – it’s weirdly fascinating behaviour, but my behaviour probably looks weird to them. Stopping and just staring is just not on, but seriously, wouldn’t you? It’s all very odd! I turned back to the demons only to find that they’d been sharking around my feet, sliding along in the mud on their sides, they were absolutely covered, and far too happy. Both my dogs and me are obviously very odd, too!

Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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