To The Max

Well, after yesterdays gale force winds – at least an 8 on the Beaufort Scale of Malamute Walking – tails and ears blown away, and bumholes exposed when windy behind (so to speak), today was still. Bloody cold though. But we finally met The Creature in the Dark – the one who goes before me, who walks the darker paths (see, suspense technique) – it was a man called Max (and……there’s the let down lol), or his dog was called Max or something – either way, quite pleasant and not scary at all. I felt a mix of relief and disappointment, but mainly relief tbh. Gorgeously stunning dog though – a rich foxy red sibe cross, nervy and unsure, but very waggy. Apparently, after his old dog, a lab called Max (see, I really wasn’t taking this in) was PTS, he adopted this Rumanian rescue (yes, I know), who’d already had three homes and is only two years old. No wonder poor Max was so nervy and anxious (I think I mean the sibe cross here, but I need coffee to get over this confusion – see, I could have said maximum confusion, but that just would be taking things too far, and no one can ever accuse me of that, can they?). Coffee time now, I’m maxed out

Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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