It was the first frost of the season this morning, with leaves falling like golden confetti, and lying crunchily underfoot and paw. The demons bustled everywhere, noses pushing piles of crispy leaves ahead of them, steaming breath when they looked up. We spotted the ghostly faces made by rabbit paws – seriously, they really do look like spooky faces with two lopsided eyes and a wailing mouth, and little piles of frozen treats apparently generously left for the beasts to find. The foxes, with their single track lines, running like a model on a catwalk, one foot in front of the other……..crikey, I’m poetic this morning – must stop now, as I have proper writing to do……like proper freelancy type writing, cos that’s what I do, folks lol. But first…….coffee!!!

Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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