These mornings, now the clocks have changed, are marginally lighter – I’m only having to use my head light for any roadwork. The birdsong is different too – blackbirds, robins, and chirpy tits (not a phrase I ever plan to use again), all merrily singing in the dawn. Previously it had been the haunting cry of owls, buzzards and harriers, the barking of foxes echoing across the dark as night fields – beautiful but eerie, waiting for the terrified squeal of a captured rabbit. Today, now malamute zoomies are completed and the first coffee is half drunk, I must whore myself and my quill out to bid for contracts, whilst getting some serious study done; but first a delve into my secret passion – Most Haunted Halloween Special – just to get into the mood of the season, you understand

Author: malamute musings

I'm owned by a working team of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, am a pagany philosophy student, and pretend to be a professional writer - all these add up to .......well, me. And that's what I blog about - random musings, thoughts and being dragged around.

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